Unique Steampunk Hats for Ladies

Steampunk is a fashion style that celebrates the 19th century while adding anachronistic touches. If you enjoy combining the stylistic traditions of the 19th-century steam era with those of futuristic science fiction, chances are you can already classify yourself as a Steampunk. if you want to complete your steampunk ensemble, make sure that you have a hat in accordance with the rest of your outfit.

As the feature of steampunk style indicates, the accessories attached to the hat include  gears, goggles, feather decorations. Attach gears to the sides with hot glue to provide visual interest or glue large feathers and gears or cogs to a hair clip and wear it on the side of your hair as a fascinator. They will be quite stunning to adorn your ensemble steampunk look.


Why Not Choose a Steampunk Corset?

Corsets are very close-fitting and could be seen as a symbol of feminine quality and a special garment for women, which has enjoyed popularity for years all over the world. As is known to all, the Victorian era as well as the Edwardian era has developed corsets as an important part in women’s fashion world. Nowadays, corsets still enjoy their effect on women’s lives.

Sexy Black Buckle Belt Steampunk Underbust Corset

Steampunk fashion features science fiction and visionary ideas.Steampunk fashion and corsets are a magical combination with fantastic effect. While corsets stressed on the feminine style , steampunk lays its roots in the masculine as well as machinery. These two opposite features puts a perfect effect on showing a sexy, capable and experienced female adventurer when combined together.The worked well when put together,didn’t they?

An Essential Part of Men’s Steampunk Clothing---The Vest

Men’s steampunk clothing has got quite the air of science fiction which is in accordance with the aesthetical standard of that type. When talk about steampunk clothing,we could always picture a men of a mixture image of victorian style and machinery style. They often wear a pair of eye patch which could bring them a belearned look. What should be point out is the vest they wear as an embody of social status and personality.

Faux Leather Steampunk Vest for Men

The steampunk vest with accessories like eye patch and other steampunk details is often the case. Machinery style can be fully presented by vertical stripes printed on the vest.Double lines of button front closure are very classic in steampunk design. In many cases, vest made of leather with decorations like buckles or rings are very popular.


Zebra Striped Fashion

Compared with other alternative clothing patterns, zebra stripes could be seen as a symbol of capacity. Each time when we saw some tall lady in zebra striped suits or dress, we sense a feeling of profession and office lady. Yes, that is what zebra stripe brought us with, a sense of profession and workholic.

As a dressing style for “female scientists”, steampunk also share some same features with zebra stripe patterns in the way that they both gives out a sense of professional.

Gorgeous Zebra Striped Lace Steampunk Dress

This piece of dressing is a typical piece of zebra striped steampunk dress. The shaping is perfect, showing the figure of the lady and the pattern is clear as well as organized, a very good-quality piece of the steampunk dress.


Steampunk Corset Fashion

Corsets could be seen as a symbol of feminine quality and an unique dressing for women, which has been popular for years around the globe. As we all know that during the Victorian era as well as the Edwardian era, corsets are such an important part in women’s fashion world. Actually even nowadays,corsets or to say the concept of corsets are still popular around the globe.

Steampunk fashion has always been around the idea of science fiction and visionary ideas. Could you imagine a female steampunk scientist without a steampunk corset style clothing? I hardly think so. Steampunk fashion and corsets are a magical combination with fantastic effect. Corsets stressed on the feminine style while steampunk put its emphazize on the masculity as well as machinery. These two opposites makes a perfect effect when combing together, creating a sexy, capable and exprienced female adventurer image. 

Steampunk Corset Outfits with Striped Shirt and Short Pants and Hat



Steampunk Animation

Miyazaki Haya, the well-known Japanese animation director who directed many of the famous animation movies which have been well-received around the world. As a big fan of his works, I found this big shot director has a special interest in steampunk. The movie which earned him a great reputation was “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind”, was a scientific fiction set in a special post-modern era. The design of the leading characters was quite of the steampunk styles. All the characters indeed go well with the themes, revealing the cruel side of modern technology and the pathetic life of the post-modern world. Another famous animation of Miyazaki Haya is “Howl’s Moving Castle”, in which the grand concept is steampunk style and the moving castle is a typical steampunk design. When you watch that movie, you would find that the moving castle is actually more like a giant robot thing but with a strong sense of machinery. 


Jule Verne: the Father of Steampunk

Although it seems not to be 100 per cent accurate that Jule Verne started steampunk as a genre by his novel “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”, he is surely a master of science fiction at his own time. His imagination is far beyond his contemporaries and his wild imagination did inspire a lot of artist and fans to create such a new genre.

If you think that steampunk comes out of nowhere then you must be very wrong. In Verne’s work, steampunk has already existed for long. The submarines and those advanced devices and that historic background combined together creating this weird steampunk style, which drove many fans in fantasy about this mysteriously creative genre.
Jule Verne tended to imagine himself to be the leading character of the novel who is always a weirdly scientist having big dreams and huge plans for his own life. He always focuses on inventing weird stuff and dresses himself in a madly scientific way. 


One Essential You Must Need To Be A Steampunk

As we know that steampunk is a mixture of styles between victorian style and machinery style, which means under a whole victorian framework, we have some other important ingredient to make a perfect steampunk.

White Steampunk Under Shirt for Men

Assuming that you already dressed yourself into a victorian style robe. You know, the corsets, the vests and everything. The next step is for you to put your ingredients in the pot. First of all, GOGGLES, most of the times, oversized goggles, could definitely complete your steampunk look. One thing to remember is that steampunk goggles has to be weird and wacky, not sporty. If you think that you are not particularly into goggles or you really think it doesn’t go well with your dressing style, then you might have a try with tinted glasses or eye patch, or opera glasses and monocles. Come on, being weird is part of being a steampunk.


Soul of Steampunk: Collision Between the Past and the Future

Compared with victorian style and punk fashion, steampunk looks a bit weirder because it could hardly be defined by a special era or an unique historical event. You can say it is a mixture of different genres but it also stands out alone as an individual genre, which is adored by many people and fans. Someone gave the definition about steampunk as follows: it is a form of science fiction which imagines us living in the past age like victorian era but there exist people who masters many ahead-of-time technologies and skills who looks far beyond the age.

Faux Leather Steampunk Vest for Men

Many people believe that steampunk comes from Jule Verne’s science fiction novel, which seems quite appropriate as the inventions and ideas in that novel is truly far beyond Jule Verne’s age. A typical men’s look of steampunk style is some guy in victorian dress but adorned with some sort of special scientific inventions like goggles or other weird objects. Weird but fascinating, isn’t it?   


Steampunk Style in Movies

Steampunk dressings have a unique victorian style along with some appliance of machinery concepts. Nowadays, there are many movie figures who are embedded with all sorts of this steampunk style for the purpose of creating a unique atmosphere or making the character more mysterious and individual. Steampunk style has been applied in various ways but of course, they also do have something in common, such as the historical background they are in, the dressing style they have and even the characteristics they have.

Brown Steampunk Engineer Vest for Men
Most of these characters are quite post-modern style or have a love for machinery invention and pretty ahead of their age. They always have a series of inventory devices and ideas that are hard to be understood by their contemporaries. Here are some of the typical ones, Mad Eye Moody, whose steampunk character could be easily told by his “mad eye”, Kamajii, whose steampunk character could be seen from his body shape, Ichabod Crane, whose steampunk character could be found through his various devices and of course, his clothing style.


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Nude Steampunk Engineer Shirt for Men

Nude Steampunk Engineer Shirt for Men

Vintage Black Aristocratic Steampunk Dress

Vintage Black Aristocratic Steampunk Dress

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Steampunk Costume For Men

The steampunk style is one put both science fiction and fantasy elements together and appears in books and movies. For the origin of steampunk style, it is relative to the victorian style. But it also has relation to the modern technologically advanced machines and inventions. The clothes in steampunk style are unique for both men and women. They are applied both in the fashion world and also the Halloween costumes.
steampunk costume for men

steampunk costume for men

steampunk costume for men

Black Steampunk Guard Coat for Men

Black Steampunk Coat for Men

Among the steampunk clothes for men, there are also some sub genres to choose from. The steampunk clothes with a much victorian tone features a lot of buckles, straps, and buttons which fully shows the miscellaneousness of the clothes. In most occasions it might be a military style parade drummer jacket, faux suede spats, pirate thigh boots, tuxedo, top hats and so on.
Besides, there could also have ruffled jabots, cravat neckties, and highly detailed vests, jackets and striped pants for men’s steampunk outfits.
More and more people like to attend some steampunk conventions. And the outfits are necessary. For men, the all above mentioned clothes are great for men to dress up in steampunk style.


Steampunk Clothing DIY Tips

steampunk clothing

steampunk clothing
Steampunk is a alternative style that famous in the clothing field. And every year there are more and more people join in this group. To show that you are interest in this style, the best way is to dress in it. Keep reading the following part, I will show you some tips on DIY steampunk clothing.
If you're not a member in the world of steampunk, you’d better to do some research before getting started. While the basis of steampunk is typically Victorian-style clothing, it is the details that transform an outfit from an old fashioned costume into real steampunk. Read some steampunk books and see some pictures, you will definitely know what the steampunk is. Then let’s come to the DIY steps on steampunk clothing.
steampunk clothing

steampunk clothing
Put together the main garments of your outfit. If you're a woman, this likely means a corseted Victorian day gown. If you're a man or a woman who prefers not to wear dresses, then it is usually trousers, a collared shirt and a waist coat. Victorian gowns are not as easy to come by second-hand. Many major sewing pattern companies offer patterns for Victorian-style costumes. Buy one of those, but rather than mimicking the brightly colored dresses on the pattern, choose dark or drab coloured fabrics.And that is all about DIY your steampunk clothes.


Choosing Flattering Dresses for Steampunk Look

The size of women's shapes are changing. There is no denying that in the western world the average sizes of women are bigger now then they were four or five score years ago. However with a bigger size does not mean that women are no longer look great. There are still ways to be beautiful as well. Here is one way: choose flattering dresses in steampunk look.
steampunk dresses

steampunk dresses

steampunk dresses

Vintage Brown Striped Steampunk Dress

Vintage Brown Striped Steampunk Dress

The flattering here means covering the body parts you are not confident in. And they are usually hips and thighs. One of the most common mistakes is that an A-line skirt will help to cover hips and thighs. You should be careful, this is only true to some degree. Not all skirts are the same! Full skirt or ball gown is another type of silhouette in steampunk style dresses. It is good to cover up the hips and thighs.
Other than the silhouette, it is also important to take the fabric into consideration. The dress with too hard fabric may not look draped and natural. And the one with too soft fabric may not benefit for the figure.
To sum up, when we have curves or are self-conscious about a specific area, we usually tend to cover it up by wearing something quite loose. So for a gorgeous look, it is wise to choose flattering dresses.


Sexy Corsets in Steampunk Style for Women

Corsets are necessities for women in victorian period. There exists a thought that the slimmer waist, the more beautiful the women are. Then the corsets are designed to shape their figure. This is the use of corset during the ancient times. However, in nowadays, women choose corsets for the different and sexy look rather the so slim figure. It becomes more and more popular.
steampunk corsets

steampunk corsets
Besides its popularity, there are so many styles in corsets such as gothic, punk, medieval and so on. There is another well known style called steampunk. Read on to get more about steampunk style corsets.
Steampunk Satin Front Buckle Underbust Corset

Steampunk Satin Front Buckle Underbust Corset

Black Waist Cincher Steampunk Corset

Black Waist Cincher Steampunk Corset

Steampunk corsets are similar to the other corsets but with some certain patterns and decorations. The color brown are the most used one. The striped and leopard accents are prevailing. And most people love to adorn some embellishments like the clockwork, the gears and some other metallic accents.
With its special design and embellished accents, the steampunk corsets show a look of both sexiness and gorgeousness.


2013 Steampunk Events and Conventions in April

Nova Albion
With large amount of steampunk events and conventions, I want to list some of them that worth attending in April.
The first one is the Steampunk Empire Symposium. It has reached its second annual convention. This year, it will be held in 26th to 28th April at the Atrium Hotel in Cincinnati where is a very appropriate plat to get together people who are fond of steampunk style clothing or lifestyle. Guests include Leanna Renee Hieber, John White, Ay-leen the Peacemaker, Lady Clankington, Frenchy and the Punk, Bethalynne Bajema, the Apparition Abolishers, and The Vagabonds.
steampunk events

steampunk events
The second one is the Nova Albion with its 2013 theme of steampunks in space. It is going to be held during the 26th to 28th in April in Santa Clara, CA. It is the time to explore something new in steampunk style. So the theme of this year is the steampunks in space. Guests include Gail Carriger and Thomas Willeford of Brute Force Leather.
Till now, the above two conventions are worth going if you are a steampunk or just love it. It has always been a rule for guests to dress up for such events. So do not appear in normal suits. There are plenty of clothes you can choose in steampunk style.