Steampunk Dress in the Pinstripe Detail

Punk style was firstly coming into being in the 19th century. And at the very beginning, it was majorly in the music field. But as the time progress the punk style in clothing field become more and more dominated. And the steampunk is one branch of the punk style. The steampunk elements are more and more likely to be used in the fashion in nowadays world. Within one style there are also some different kinds of variations to enrich this style. I would like to inform something to you that relative to the stripe elements in the steampunk clothing.
Gothic Victorian Pinstripe Steampunk Dress

Gothic Pinstripe Steampunk Dress

Steampunk Dress

If something that is made in the pattern of the stripe, it will make things much more slim and beautiful. And when the stripes applied in the dressing style, it brings a slimmer figure to the people who wears it.
Black and White Striped Lace Medieval Steampunk Dress

Striped Medieval Steampunk Dress

The above three dresses are in the style of steampunk with stripes. The form of stripes are different. One is the pinstripe the other two are just the wide stripe. All above is what I know about the stripe element in the steampunk style. At the same time I hope you have a good understanding about this style.


The Victorian Element in the Gothic Punk Dresses

Victorian fashion comprises the various fashions and trends from British culture that emerged and grew in province throughout the Victorian era and the reign. And that kind of style has passed down into nowadays fashionable world. And some changes come into being. As for women's gowns it has developed narrow and sloping shoulders, low and pointed waists, and bell-shaped skirts. The fashion became simpler and less extravagant than the style firstly appeared; both bustles and crinoline fell out of use and dresses were not as tight as before. Corsets are less used and the skirt becomes slightly longer, giving women a slight S-curve silhouette. Skirts took on a trumpet shape, fitting closely over the hip with a wasp-waist cut and flaring just above the knee. High necks and puffed sleeves became popular.
The Victorian Gothic Punk Dresses
Black and Red Aristocratic Steampunk Dress

Black and Red Steampunk Dress

Brown Lace and Ruffle Victorian Steampunk Dress

Brown Victorian Steampunk Dress

The Victorian Gothic Punk Dresses

Here I illustrate some of the dresses taken from the victorian style and in the category of gothic punk dresses. Through these detailed pictures you can have a very clear understanding about the victorian style in gothic punk dresses.


Steampunk Dresses in White Colour

When talking about the steampunk dresses, the opinion that they should be the black or the dark colour will firstly comes into our mind. Originally the colour of the steampunk dresses are in dark colour. As the world develops, people are thinking more and more and willing to do some changes. Thus there are some adjustment to the colour of the steampunk dresses. Here today I will introduce some dresses of steampunk style in the colour of white.
The colour of white in the western world has been given the meaning of pureness, clearness and honesty. And it is also solemn and elegant. People endow the white colour with the sacred inner meaning. So the white colour used in steampunk dresses reveals the preference and the acceptance to this kind of style. 
Striped and Ruffled Underbust Steampunk Vest with White Dress for Women

 Underbust Steampunk Dress for Women

Vintage White Lace Steampunk Dress

Vintage White Lace Steampunk Dress

This two are totally white dresses. The layers of ruffles in the skirt is the best demonstration of the steampunk style. The white colour on the one hand shows the style it belongs to; on the other hand, it gives the feeling of the elegance. It is a mixed combination of wildness and elegance. 

Steampunk Dresses in White Colour

This one features the short and white dress. With the decoration of ruffles the the white and impresses me in the way that it is both wild and kind of lady style.