Why Not Choose a Steampunk Corset?

Corsets are very close-fitting and could be seen as a symbol of feminine quality and a special garment for women, which has enjoyed popularity for years all over the world. As is known to all, the Victorian era as well as the Edwardian era has developed corsets as an important part in women’s fashion world. Nowadays, corsets still enjoy their effect on women’s lives.

Sexy Black Buckle Belt Steampunk Underbust Corset

Steampunk fashion features science fiction and visionary ideas.Steampunk fashion and corsets are a magical combination with fantastic effect. While corsets stressed on the feminine style , steampunk lays its roots in the masculine as well as machinery. These two opposite features puts a perfect effect on showing a sexy, capable and experienced female adventurer when combined together.The worked well when put together,didn’t they?

An Essential Part of Men’s Steampunk Clothing---The Vest

Men’s steampunk clothing has got quite the air of science fiction which is in accordance with the aesthetical standard of that type. When talk about steampunk clothing,we could always picture a men of a mixture image of victorian style and machinery style. They often wear a pair of eye patch which could bring them a belearned look. What should be point out is the vest they wear as an embody of social status and personality.

Faux Leather Steampunk Vest for Men

The steampunk vest with accessories like eye patch and other steampunk details is often the case. Machinery style can be fully presented by vertical stripes printed on the vest.Double lines of button front closure are very classic in steampunk design. In many cases, vest made of leather with decorations like buckles or rings are very popular.


Zebra Striped Fashion

Compared with other alternative clothing patterns, zebra stripes could be seen as a symbol of capacity. Each time when we saw some tall lady in zebra striped suits or dress, we sense a feeling of profession and office lady. Yes, that is what zebra stripe brought us with, a sense of profession and workholic.

As a dressing style for “female scientists”, steampunk also share some same features with zebra stripe patterns in the way that they both gives out a sense of professional.

Gorgeous Zebra Striped Lace Steampunk Dress

This piece of dressing is a typical piece of zebra striped steampunk dress. The shaping is perfect, showing the figure of the lady and the pattern is clear as well as organized, a very good-quality piece of the steampunk dress.