Steampunk Hats for Women

I have been talking about the steampunk clothing in the previous posts. And I come to realize that I missed one important area in the steampunk clothing fashion. That is the matching items. So here today I will illustrate some of the main type of the steampunk hats.
steampunk hat for women

steampunk hat for women

These hats are all for women. Steampunk dresses for women has a relatively limited styles. And then to make it varied, people have to add something else. The hat which is on the top will attract people’s eye. And it could add extra steampunk touch to the wearers.
steampunk hat for women

steampunk hat for women

The above hats are in the steampunk style. They are not the simple hats, I mean, there are much decorations on the hats. Something that relative to the steampunk items. The metal, watch and fur are the most prominent specialties in the steampunk style. I have two hats in this kind. And every time I wore the steampunk dress, I would match one hat to be more unique. And such a hat really can complete the steampunk look.


Steampunk Corset for Women

Steampunk clothing has a very wide range in the different patterns of its style. The dresses, the shirts, the pants, the skirts and so on. And I am going to talk about the less talked clothing style--corset in the steampunk style. Actually the corsets also have a great number of different patterns. Here I will focus on the corset in the steampunk style.
The corset belongs to a different clothing group. People wear it for some special occasions. It is usually brings the sexy effect for the wearers. And it is really good and popular among the young ladies. The most prominent characteristic of the corset is that it frap the waist to a very slim degree.
Black Waist Cincher Steampunk Corset

Black Waist Cincher Steampunk Corset

Steampunk Corset

Steampunk Corset

You can see the corset makes the women much more slim than without wearing it. The bustline is well revealed when wearing a corset. It is a symbol for sexiness. When the steampunk element is applied into the corset design, it achieves a much more outstanding look. It will send a spirit of charming and attractive look. The buckles in the front perfectly represented the how steampunk you are. If you are planing to have one corset, you can think about the corset in the steampunk style.


Why Do I Like Steampunk Style?

There are always reasons why we are fond of something. I am a great fun in the steampunk style. Here today I want to discuss why I love steampunk. I like steampunk because of the freedom it has. It is always relative to exploring and creating new things. I do not agree that there is only a single steampunk style there. It should be various in many different ways. Plus theres something about the way everything elegantly flows together in a maze of brass and copper that makes me happy.

Most of what is nowadays aesthetically considered "fantasy" is much against my tastes. My appreciation for steampunk has to do with the classic, composed gentlemanly spirit and relativily primitive technical contraptions. I can see the science shadows in the steampunk. The glasses, gun, metal decorations are showing the appreciation to the science.

Steampunk has also a dynamic feel, I associate it with industrialization and tecnological evolution. And science prevails in every aspect of our life and it is really good to appreciate the the science which brings us to the modern world now we live. Steampunk is a style in the clothing field. It is characterized by its heavy decoration like metal thing and other thing that relative to science. It combines the coolness of the punk style and the science elements. I really love this kind of thing. Do you want to see more. click here: http://bit.ly/Vqgi02


Tips for Halloween Costumes in Steampunk Style

The Halloween is coming soon. Have you found your costume for the Halloween parties? If you are confused and feel troublesome when choosing a costume, then you may get inspiration from here. The steampunk style in the clothing field has a long history. People still love this kind of dressing style because the unique look it sends. In the following part I will go with some prevailing costumes in this steampunk style.

The first kind is the dirigible captain. As the Captain of an airship, you can go uber-military or more independent and casual. You can be a scruffy sky pirate wearing the scrounged medals of your various heists.

The second one is adventurer. The clothes, shirt with sleeves rolled up, jodhpurs, khaki clothes, suspenders, rugged but sensible boots, belt full of gear, side arm, compass and so on.
The following one is with short skirt, extra belts and shiny bronze boots. They are examples of "punk", things that would not be historically accurate, but add fun to the outfit.

The last one is the military uniform in the steampunk style. Uniforms are wonderful. Here you can be quite creative.
I illustrate some main type costumes in the steampunk style.And I hope I am helpful to your choice of Halloween costumes.


The Guard Coat for Men

The autumn comes. We can feel the coldness in the open air. There are still some parties which we have to wear our costume. In recent days I found a new kind of clothing for men: the guard coat. We all know that the kinds of costumes for men are less than the women. So the guard coats are a new and good try for men.

Black Steampunk Guard Coat for Men

Black Steampunk Guard Coat for Men

This one is a guard coat in the steampunk style. From the style of it we can see that the steampunk guard look is strong. The black color is the classic one for men. The length and the buttons on the sleeves and chest are the prominent features of the steampunk coat.
guard coat

guard coat

The above two are the guard coats in the style of the civil war. The colors send a feeling of the old age. They impress me with the open buttons on the coat. All the three coats are in the style of guard. I love the first one because it is much neater and pretty than the following two. What is your opinion?


Steampunk Costumes For Women

If you are as fascinated with this style of dress as I am, then I think my collections of the photos will help you achieve your own opinion about the steampunk style.
Steampunk Costumes for women cover a wide and diverse range of styles.They are different while still have something in common. I have been enjoyed in the steampunk style since I was a student in the middle school. At first I was more aware of the artistic side of this movement and then began to realize there was a whole fashion side as well. And as time has gone by, I begins to realize that for a style I love I should understand more things about it and should not only limited in the several patterns in the surface. And in the following days, I will keep on illustrating the clothing and accessories in the style of steampunk. And several steampunk costumes here to show the complex combination of so many decoration and details.
steampunk costume

steampunk costume
steampunk costumes


The Steampunk Vest for Men

Have you ever tried the costume in the steampunk style? If your answer is no, then you have to have a look at this article. In the following parts I will focus on the men’s vest in the steampunk style. There are a lot of parties we have and want to go. And some of them we have to be dresses up in a different pattern to go with the theme of certain parties or other informal occasions. Then it becomes a hard question for most of men. They always have no that much choices to make. Let’s have a look at the vest.
Faux Leather Steampunk Vest for Men

Faux Leather Steampunk Vest for Men

This vest is a faux leather steampunk vest for men. It is made of the faux leather fabric. The leather fabric is the best material that applied in the steampunk style. And the high Nehru collar shows a strong steampunk look. The vest with two lines of buttons on stylish bib front adds extra touch of handsomeness. The following one is brown steampunk engineer vest for men. It is the steampunk style with the engineer element. The twill wool and satin fabric gives the wearers a very comfortable feeling when they try it on. The features of the vest includes high rear collar, two lines of brass buttons at the front and satin back with adjustable strap.
Brown Steampunk Engineer Vest for Men

Brown Steampunk Engineer Vest for Men

The vests in the style of the above two kinds are important to a man who wants to act in the style of steampunk. According to my introduction, I hope you could dress yourself up in this style.


Steampunk Dress in Decadent Style

The word decadent stems from the 19th century. There were a group of people in Europe that holding the totally different attitude from the capitalist class. And they could not change the occasion at that time so they did some thing against the main society. And designers apply this idea into the dress design. The concept of the decadent style is taken from the evil and bad things. It praises the evil things. And the most prominent feature is the black color. Their view is mainly on the field of the blackness. And to appreciate the beauty from the ugliness and the evil things.
Black Long Sleeves Decadent Steampunk Dress

Black Decadent Steampunk Dress

Steampunk Dress

When such a kind of concept applied into the dressing field in steampunk style, the above pictures could give you some inspiration about the decadent style in the steampunk dressing. The color of black firstly sets a terrified and dark atmosphere. The steampunk element in the dresses is the sleeves and the silhouette. The keyholes on long sleeves and decorative faux cobwed add a stronger decadent look to the first dress.The second one is characterized by the half open sleeves and the decoration on the bodice.To conclude, the decadent style in the steampunk dress is a good application.


Steampunk Short Dresses with Gothic Element

Steampunk in nowadays are becoming more and more popular. People may dress in steampunk style for the party or just in daily life. People are fond of this kind of style because it is different from the normal dressing style and could show the other side of a person. Here I want to illustrate the women’s dress in the steampunk style. The following three dresses are the short ones with the metal detail on the up shirts.
Black Cotton Gothic Steampunk Dress

Black Gothic Steampunk Dress

Black Gothic Lace Steampunk Dress

Gothic Lace Steampunk Dress

The above two dresses are the steampunk dresses in gothic detail. And only from these two dresses, the gothic element mainly lies in the color of the two dresses. The black is the most classic color that adds the dark and mysterious atmosphere. The steampunk style may send the spirit of the power and uniqueness. And the gothic element in the dress adds the powerful expression.
Steampunk Short Dress

This one is also a steampunk dress with gothic element. The difference between this one and the above two dresses lies in that the colors in this one is the combination of black and dark red. And the dark red is also a principal color in the gothic style. And another difference is that the metal decoration is much more than the two dresses above. And this dresses shows a much more strong steampunk look.