Steampunk Short Dresses with Gothic Element

Steampunk in nowadays are becoming more and more popular. People may dress in steampunk style for the party or just in daily life. People are fond of this kind of style because it is different from the normal dressing style and could show the other side of a person. Here I want to illustrate the women’s dress in the steampunk style. The following three dresses are the short ones with the metal detail on the up shirts.
Black Cotton Gothic Steampunk Dress

Black Gothic Steampunk Dress

Black Gothic Lace Steampunk Dress

Gothic Lace Steampunk Dress

The above two dresses are the steampunk dresses in gothic detail. And only from these two dresses, the gothic element mainly lies in the color of the two dresses. The black is the most classic color that adds the dark and mysterious atmosphere. The steampunk style may send the spirit of the power and uniqueness. And the gothic element in the dress adds the powerful expression.
Steampunk Short Dress

This one is also a steampunk dress with gothic element. The difference between this one and the above two dresses lies in that the colors in this one is the combination of black and dark red. And the dark red is also a principal color in the gothic style. And another difference is that the metal decoration is much more than the two dresses above. And this dresses shows a much more strong steampunk look.

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