Tips for Halloween Costumes in Steampunk Style

The Halloween is coming soon. Have you found your costume for the Halloween parties? If you are confused and feel troublesome when choosing a costume, then you may get inspiration from here. The steampunk style in the clothing field has a long history. People still love this kind of dressing style because the unique look it sends. In the following part I will go with some prevailing costumes in this steampunk style.

The first kind is the dirigible captain. As the Captain of an airship, you can go uber-military or more independent and casual. You can be a scruffy sky pirate wearing the scrounged medals of your various heists.

The second one is adventurer. The clothes, shirt with sleeves rolled up, jodhpurs, khaki clothes, suspenders, rugged but sensible boots, belt full of gear, side arm, compass and so on.
The following one is with short skirt, extra belts and shiny bronze boots. They are examples of "punk", things that would not be historically accurate, but add fun to the outfit.

The last one is the military uniform in the steampunk style. Uniforms are wonderful. Here you can be quite creative.
I illustrate some main type costumes in the steampunk style.And I hope I am helpful to your choice of Halloween costumes.

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