Steampunk Corset Fashion

Corsets could be seen as a symbol of feminine quality and an unique dressing for women, which has been popular for years around the globe. As we all know that during the Victorian era as well as the Edwardian era, corsets are such an important part in women’s fashion world. Actually even nowadays,corsets or to say the concept of corsets are still popular around the globe.

Steampunk fashion has always been around the idea of science fiction and visionary ideas. Could you imagine a female steampunk scientist without a steampunk corset style clothing? I hardly think so. Steampunk fashion and corsets are a magical combination with fantastic effect. Corsets stressed on the feminine style while steampunk put its emphazize on the masculity as well as machinery. These two opposites makes a perfect effect when combing together, creating a sexy, capable and exprienced female adventurer image. 

Steampunk Corset Outfits with Striped Shirt and Short Pants and Hat



Steampunk Animation

Miyazaki Haya, the well-known Japanese animation director who directed many of the famous animation movies which have been well-received around the world. As a big fan of his works, I found this big shot director has a special interest in steampunk. The movie which earned him a great reputation was “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind”, was a scientific fiction set in a special post-modern era. The design of the leading characters was quite of the steampunk styles. All the characters indeed go well with the themes, revealing the cruel side of modern technology and the pathetic life of the post-modern world. Another famous animation of Miyazaki Haya is “Howl’s Moving Castle”, in which the grand concept is steampunk style and the moving castle is a typical steampunk design. When you watch that movie, you would find that the moving castle is actually more like a giant robot thing but with a strong sense of machinery. 


Jule Verne: the Father of Steampunk

Although it seems not to be 100 per cent accurate that Jule Verne started steampunk as a genre by his novel “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”, he is surely a master of science fiction at his own time. His imagination is far beyond his contemporaries and his wild imagination did inspire a lot of artist and fans to create such a new genre.

If you think that steampunk comes out of nowhere then you must be very wrong. In Verne’s work, steampunk has already existed for long. The submarines and those advanced devices and that historic background combined together creating this weird steampunk style, which drove many fans in fantasy about this mysteriously creative genre.
Jule Verne tended to imagine himself to be the leading character of the novel who is always a weirdly scientist having big dreams and huge plans for his own life. He always focuses on inventing weird stuff and dresses himself in a madly scientific way. 


One Essential You Must Need To Be A Steampunk

As we know that steampunk is a mixture of styles between victorian style and machinery style, which means under a whole victorian framework, we have some other important ingredient to make a perfect steampunk.

White Steampunk Under Shirt for Men

Assuming that you already dressed yourself into a victorian style robe. You know, the corsets, the vests and everything. The next step is for you to put your ingredients in the pot. First of all, GOGGLES, most of the times, oversized goggles, could definitely complete your steampunk look. One thing to remember is that steampunk goggles has to be weird and wacky, not sporty. If you think that you are not particularly into goggles or you really think it doesn’t go well with your dressing style, then you might have a try with tinted glasses or eye patch, or opera glasses and monocles. Come on, being weird is part of being a steampunk.