One Essential You Must Need To Be A Steampunk

As we know that steampunk is a mixture of styles between victorian style and machinery style, which means under a whole victorian framework, we have some other important ingredient to make a perfect steampunk.

White Steampunk Under Shirt for Men

Assuming that you already dressed yourself into a victorian style robe. You know, the corsets, the vests and everything. The next step is for you to put your ingredients in the pot. First of all, GOGGLES, most of the times, oversized goggles, could definitely complete your steampunk look. One thing to remember is that steampunk goggles has to be weird and wacky, not sporty. If you think that you are not particularly into goggles or you really think it doesn’t go well with your dressing style, then you might have a try with tinted glasses or eye patch, or opera glasses and monocles. Come on, being weird is part of being a steampunk.

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