The Steampunk World’s Fair 2012 – Event Review

steampunk world fair

steampunk clothing fashionLast year I had an enormous amount of fun at The Steampunk World’s Fair. I met so many people from different places but had a common interest--the steampunk. This year, I went to it again and would like to write a review here.
The steampunk world’s fair was an annual convention since 2010. I did not attend the first convention but heard there were over three thousand people that time. In this year, there are far more four thousand people there. It is interesting that the convention is held in the hotel. In this way, the event is more similar to a fan convention.

The Radisson Hotel seemed to be an excellent place to hold the event this year. It features courtyards, ballrooms, smaller workshop rooms and nice hotel rooms. With all those basic things setted, the congoers were really having fun. Everyone wanted to show off whatever it was they had. There are mainly two types of congoers in the fair: one is in the full costume with luxuriant accessories and the other is the new comers who just begin their journey in the steampunk world. The participants exchanged their informations and got the costume inspiration from the others. There are also the dance and music shows that add the atmosphere to the whole event.
Three days were really fast. People all looked unsatisfied for the event lasted only three days. But we enjoyed ourselves.


Steampunk Goggles Completing Your Style

Not all the steampunk outfits features the goggles. But the goggles are the most classic accessories in the steampunk style for most part. The goggles did not accidentally be the steampunk accessory. They serve some purposes. One of the most practical purposes for goggles in the steampunk world is that steampunks are generally required to make or customize their own gear. It is unarguable that the goggles also could protect the eyes. Steampunk welding goggles are not only popular as a great accessory, they’re important for many steampunk tinkers as well.
steampunk goggles

Other than the practical use of the goggles, the goggles may also pertain to your style. For those people who have a passion for the airships, a pair of avigation goggles makes it a natural significance. A pair of motorcycle goggles would have the same importance for anyone with a love for bikes or motorcycles. Exploration goggles are additions as well for any who have an interest in such activities. Steampunk goggles can be added to an outfit to complete the look and show your special taste.
steampunk goggles

steampunk fashion

The goggles in the steampunk style can represent your interests and individuality. If you are fond of the steampunk style clothing, you could have a try on the steampunk goggles.


Fashion Steampunk Coat for Women

In the fall/winter fashion trend in this year, the coat in the steampunk has blow a coat wind in the women’s clothing field. Some designers are focusing on the steampunk style. No matter in which year, the fashion trend in the fall/winter is always mainly on the coat. Coat is a good clothing way especially in the fall and winter. It can keep warm and make the wearer look great. It will look greater if added some steampunk detail or just in the steampunk style.
steampunk clothing for womensteampunk clothing for women

The first two coats are in the fashionable way. No matter it is a short coat or a long one, it always send a cool and unique look to the viewers. The copper buttons on both coats add extra steampunk tone to the whole look.
Black Modern Steampunk Clothing for WomenBlack and White Striped Steampunk Clothing for Women

The second two coats are in an conservative style. They are all in the black color and the styles are simple. For some people do not like the clothing way of overdoing. They are still in the steampunk style. The steampunk style is prevailing in nowadays fashion world. The combination of the coat clothing way with the steampunk style shows a very cool and special look. It is women’s coat in the fashion trend in this year fall/winter season.


What to Wear to A Steampunk Themed Wedding?

steampunk style wedding
No matter in which field, there is a group of people who have some different ideas. Even in the most sacred wedding, some people want to do something the other people would not do or less people would do it. For the couples a wedding in the steampunk style is unique and momentous for them. For the guests, it is a little harder to them. They have to dress them to match the steampunk wedding theme. And I see some people asking about such kind of questions, so here I would like to introduce some clothing for women to attend a wedding in steampunk style.
First of all you have to remember that it is still a wedding even if it is steampunk themed. So do not overdress yourself. It is not a gathering or some festivals people held. So just have the steampunk tone is okay.
Victorian Steampunk Clothing for Women

Victorian Steampunk Clothing

The steampunk style is stemmed from the victorian style. Then a victorian styled steampunk dress is a good choice. It is gorgeous and kind of formal too. It is not that overdone and just fit for a wedding.


Steampunk Costume for the Aged Women

The steampunk as a unique style grows popular in the modern world. Many people favor this kind of costume style. And such a kind of costume are popular not only among the young people. Some aged people are also fond of this style costume dressing. Here today I will focus on several steampunk costumes that fit the old people.
For the young ladies, they may choose the short skirt with luxuriant decorations. Like the first picture here. The rich ruffle accents adorned in the front make the dress a young and complexed feeling. For the young ladies, they want to be attractive and much appealing. So the rich tone on the dress may help them fulfill this effect. And the short skirt design shows the youngster and the sexiness of the young ladies.
The second one is a classic steampunk clothing for an aged women. The whole look is elegant. There is no extra adornment to the whole clothing. The black top matched with a blue shirt shows a very elegant steampunk look. To some extend, we can see the different dressing fashion according to the different age. And this is a good example.


Steampunk Costumes for the Kids

steampunk costume for kids
Not only the adult love wearing costumes the kids also do. When the parents attend to some parties they have to take their kids too. To some parties, all the participants will wear the costumes that match the theme of the party. The kids at the same time want to be different from the normality. So the parents need to dress their kids. Costumes varies in a large styles. Here I will show you several kids dress-ups in the steampunk style.
steampunk costume for kids

steampunk costume for kids
The costumes on the kids mainly in the steampunk style. I say it is in the steampunk style mainly lies in the decoration and accessories. All the three kids wear a hat. The steampunk hats just in this style. We can see the goggles on the hats. Goggles are one of the most prominent features in the style of steampunk fashion. The buckle belts are beautiful. The kids must love the additional attachment such like a telescope and a bell. The parents should consider their kids when they enjoy themselves. Kids like playing and the different look.


Matching Illustration in the Steampunk Style

I am a big fun in the steampunk dressing style. There are a lot of different patterns in the separated parts, such as the skirt, the pants, the corset and the dress, etc. When talking about them in a separated way, you may just have an idea about what this part look like, but not a clear idea how to match it. Here today I am going to illustrate the matching way for women in the steampunk style. I will talk about it in a very detail way to help you form a clear opinion.
Vintage Steampunk Clothing for Women

Vintage Steampunk Clothing for Women

This is a classic whole dress for the women. The hat serves as a decoration to match the dressing style. If you are familiar to the steampunk hat, then you should know the traditional hat in the this style always decorated with a lot of attachment. The fur, the metal chain, clock are mostly used to make the hat in the steampunk style. For this one, the additional decoration on hat will make the wearer look like a poser. So it is just in the simple style.
The white cotton camisole with ruffles best show the feminity. The underbust corset make the wearer more slim and sexy. The long twill skirt is also in a simple pattern. The whole look is simple and neat. This is a neat way of dressing in the steampunk style. Such a simple way of steampunk matching is good. If you have such kind of clothes, you can take it as example.