The Steampunk World’s Fair 2012 – Event Review

steampunk world fair

steampunk clothing fashionLast year I had an enormous amount of fun at The Steampunk World’s Fair. I met so many people from different places but had a common interest--the steampunk. This year, I went to it again and would like to write a review here.
The steampunk world’s fair was an annual convention since 2010. I did not attend the first convention but heard there were over three thousand people that time. In this year, there are far more four thousand people there. It is interesting that the convention is held in the hotel. In this way, the event is more similar to a fan convention.

The Radisson Hotel seemed to be an excellent place to hold the event this year. It features courtyards, ballrooms, smaller workshop rooms and nice hotel rooms. With all those basic things setted, the congoers were really having fun. Everyone wanted to show off whatever it was they had. There are mainly two types of congoers in the fair: one is in the full costume with luxuriant accessories and the other is the new comers who just begin their journey in the steampunk world. The participants exchanged their informations and got the costume inspiration from the others. There are also the dance and music shows that add the atmosphere to the whole event.
Three days were really fast. People all looked unsatisfied for the event lasted only three days. But we enjoyed ourselves.

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