Matching Illustration in the Steampunk Style

I am a big fun in the steampunk dressing style. There are a lot of different patterns in the separated parts, such as the skirt, the pants, the corset and the dress, etc. When talking about them in a separated way, you may just have an idea about what this part look like, but not a clear idea how to match it. Here today I am going to illustrate the matching way for women in the steampunk style. I will talk about it in a very detail way to help you form a clear opinion.
Vintage Steampunk Clothing for Women

Vintage Steampunk Clothing for Women

This is a classic whole dress for the women. The hat serves as a decoration to match the dressing style. If you are familiar to the steampunk hat, then you should know the traditional hat in the this style always decorated with a lot of attachment. The fur, the metal chain, clock are mostly used to make the hat in the steampunk style. For this one, the additional decoration on hat will make the wearer look like a poser. So it is just in the simple style.
The white cotton camisole with ruffles best show the feminity. The underbust corset make the wearer more slim and sexy. The long twill skirt is also in a simple pattern. The whole look is simple and neat. This is a neat way of dressing in the steampunk style. Such a simple way of steampunk matching is good. If you have such kind of clothes, you can take it as example.

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