Steampunk Corset Fashion

Corsets could be seen as a symbol of feminine quality and an unique dressing for women, which has been popular for years around the globe. As we all know that during the Victorian era as well as the Edwardian era, corsets are such an important part in women’s fashion world. Actually even nowadays,corsets or to say the concept of corsets are still popular around the globe.

Steampunk fashion has always been around the idea of science fiction and visionary ideas. Could you imagine a female steampunk scientist without a steampunk corset style clothing? I hardly think so. Steampunk fashion and corsets are a magical combination with fantastic effect. Corsets stressed on the feminine style while steampunk put its emphazize on the masculity as well as machinery. These two opposites makes a perfect effect when combing together, creating a sexy, capable and exprienced female adventurer image. 

Steampunk Corset Outfits with Striped Shirt and Short Pants and Hat


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