2013 Steampunk Events and Conventions in April

Nova Albion
With large amount of steampunk events and conventions, I want to list some of them that worth attending in April.
The first one is the Steampunk Empire Symposium. It has reached its second annual convention. This year, it will be held in 26th to 28th April at the Atrium Hotel in Cincinnati where is a very appropriate plat to get together people who are fond of steampunk style clothing or lifestyle. Guests include Leanna Renee Hieber, John White, Ay-leen the Peacemaker, Lady Clankington, Frenchy and the Punk, Bethalynne Bajema, the Apparition Abolishers, and The Vagabonds.
steampunk events

steampunk events
The second one is the Nova Albion with its 2013 theme of steampunks in space. It is going to be held during the 26th to 28th in April in Santa Clara, CA. It is the time to explore something new in steampunk style. So the theme of this year is the steampunks in space. Guests include Gail Carriger and Thomas Willeford of Brute Force Leather.
Till now, the above two conventions are worth going if you are a steampunk or just love it. It has always been a rule for guests to dress up for such events. So do not appear in normal suits. There are plenty of clothes you can choose in steampunk style.

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