Steampunk Style in Movies

Steampunk dressings have a unique victorian style along with some appliance of machinery concepts. Nowadays, there are many movie figures who are embedded with all sorts of this steampunk style for the purpose of creating a unique atmosphere or making the character more mysterious and individual. Steampunk style has been applied in various ways but of course, they also do have something in common, such as the historical background they are in, the dressing style they have and even the characteristics they have.

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Most of these characters are quite post-modern style or have a love for machinery invention and pretty ahead of their age. They always have a series of inventory devices and ideas that are hard to be understood by their contemporaries. Here are some of the typical ones, Mad Eye Moody, whose steampunk character could be easily told by his “mad eye”, Kamajii, whose steampunk character could be seen from his body shape, Ichabod Crane, whose steampunk character could be found through his various devices and of course, his clothing style.