Basic Rules in the Steampunk Fashion

As the steampunk fashion grows in popularity, a number of more people want to join in this style. So here I would like to introduce several basic rules in the steampunk fashion.
steampunk fashion

steampunk costume
No. One:
The steampunk fashion is a reproduction in the clothing field which can be found in steampunk literature.
No. Two:
It has something relative to the victorian style. It is in the victorian age that people capitalize upon steam technology in a way that affected everyday life. If you have doubt, you can add the victorian style clothes. And there is no need to think that the victorian clothes will be overdone.
No. Three:
Steampunk style is a fashion on creating clothes that delights the senses, entertains the wearer, and engages the viewer. So you do not have to feel afraid because you have no idea whither it is steampunk or not.
steampunk women

steampunk women
No. Four:
It is good to add some extra decoration to the outfits you wear. The classic decoration in the steampunk style includes the goggles, the clockwork and some other detail in the steampunk style. It is not a must have. But it will complete the unique and gorgeous steampunk look.
No. Five:
Enjoy and be yourself. That's what this is about. Don't feel compelled to conform with the others. The steampunk style is an individual and creative one. You have to be confident in your own idea. I hope that those of you looking for this sort of thing find it useful. Above all, I would like to emphasize that the point here is that you should be proud of having your own opinion and your own unique style.

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