Military Menswear in Steampunk Style

Steampunk is one type of fashion style which is based on the clothing during the Victorian Period. It shows more with industrial twist than the mere victorian pattern. And there are also some variations in steampunk style clothing. And in the following article, I would like to focus on the menswear with military accents.
steampunk mens clothing

steampunk mens clothing

steampunk mens clothing
Steampunk is a style that place much emphasis on the masculine look for both men and women especially for men. Some classic clothes include vests and waistcoats can go over a ruffled blouse. Instead of a skirt, jodhpurs or trousers may be worn. A men's coat and tails may be worn over the bustle. Top hats, boots, and pocketwatches are all acceptable touches.
Military coats and jackets also perform unisex duty in steampunk contexts. Look for braids, epaulettes, and structured lines. Military surplus is also a good source for fittings and accessories
The steampunk outfits with military accents are great for men. They are revealing more masculine scent than the normal outfits for their special patterns. And I hope this will help you when considering some military steampunk attires.

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